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CoLOS Create Professional

Printer control software, allows you to draw with different font types and sizes, insert figures like JPG, PNG, among others, and align, distribute and connect externally.


CoLOS Create Professional meets all of the management and message design needs of all printers. You can also:

  • Create and edit with labels and complex messages through a WYSIWYG PC interface.
  • Allows connection to the product database to automatically enter information about products in its messages and labels.
  • Produce bar codes and 2D codes in accordance with the GS1 rule.

Know other Opuspac solutions

Unidose Process Automation and Hospital Logistics for Meds and Mats is our specialty. You will find here many options and comprehensive solutions of equipments, materials, software, information, services and other solutions to best solve the specific case that involves your institution.

Unit Dose and Liquid Fractionating Machines

Opus 30X Unitarizadora de Medicamentos

Opus 30X

BC 100

Opus One

Unitarizadora de medicamentos modelo Opus 30E (econômica)

Opus 30i+BC

Unitarizadora de medicamentos modelo Opus 30E (econômica)

Opus MK5

Smart Cabinets


Opus MD


Software Opus 4.0 (imagem ilustrativa)

Opus 5.0

Software COLOS Pro (imagem ilustrativa)

Colos Pro

Software PickOS (imagem ilustrativa)

Opuspick OS

Software PickOS (imagem ilustrativa)



Cut Blisters

Ampoules up to 3mL

Larger Ampoules and Small Vials


Embalagens coloridas unitarização

Colored Packages

Zap Label


Technical Assistance

Preventive Maintenance

Spare Parts Orders

Packages Texts and Drawings

Certified Operator Program